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Thread: Please New Members Read This

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    Exclamation Please New Members Read This

    First and foremost, welcome to the IM forum.

    We appreciate all guests and members whether you’re new or experienced. While we aren’t strict or have many rules, here are a few rules and guidelines you should follow on this forum:

    1. Under no circumstance should you have affiliate links in your signature.

    2. Please only post in the relevant and appropriate section of the board. If you have a question about SEO, then you should be posting in the appropriate spot (SEO). If you have a general question related to making money online, then you can post your thread on the main section of the board. Please make sure to read through the different sections and post appropriately, if you don’t, they will be deleted.

    3. Use a subject line that describes your thread and isn’t too general. Don’t use or post subjects like “HELP ME” or “I’m new”. These subjects give no possible clue as to what your thread is about and don’t help anyone. These kinds of threads will more than likely be deleted and won’t receive the attention from the seasoned IM veterans who can answer your questions as they tend to skip over them.

    4. Under no circumstances are you to make a post complaining about an individual using their name. This includes newbies, gurus or companies. If you have a complaint with one of them, take it up with them. We do not handle blind claims nor do we investigate into the matter, we will not help you and the thread will be deleted.

    5. Please do not re-post threads that have been deleted or contact us asking why your thread was deleted. If a mod has deleted a thread, there was more than likely a good reason or you broke one of the forum rules.

    6. We don’t delete threads biased on who the original poster is. If your thread is deleted, there will be a reason behind it. If a topic has nothing to do with this board, turns into a religion/politic debate, a flame war or doesn’t offer any value to the community, it will be deleted regardless of who posts it.

    7. When a user is “banned” from the forums, don’t make any assumptions as to why they were banned or contact us asking why they were banned.

    8. Do not try to create a signature that has stuffed keywords in them. If you do this, the signature will be removed and further action will be taken against people who continually violate this rule. You might be permanently banned if you continue to do this after we delete your signature.

    9. Before posting anything, read the stickies on the board and make sure you understand everything that’s said in them. If you have a question pertaining to the rules, ask someone.

    10. The mods are busy and don’t have time to explain to every individual why a post is deleted. If you simply follow the rules, your posts will not be deleted. We also don’t have time to sit and argue with members about why their posts were deleted as well. Just because your post is deleted, it doesn’t mean it’s personal. Please do not re-post or contact us pertaining to a deleted post.

    11. If you make a habit of making useless or short posts just to increase your post count, a lot of (if not all) of your posts will be deleted.

    12. Please try to have common sense while posting.

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    Thanks for useful Information..

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