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Thread: Excuclusive lessons on how to make money from scratch step by step PART 8

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    Excuclusive lessons on how to make money from scratch step by step PART 8

    This is part 8 of 8 parts on How to make money online from scratch.

    Final Thoughts

    In closing, thereís something I want to tell you that might hit you hard but itís something you need to realize. You will FAIL. This isnít saying that you will fail all of the time but you need to realize that not every single idea you do and every single thing you pursue will work because you WILL FAIL. Even some of the most successful and established marketers failed miserably in their first attempts to make a single dime on the internet.
    Even Frank Kern, who is one of the most popular internet marketers, had some very embarrassing failures. He was at one point sued by the FTC for something, I donít really remember what for, but the point is; look at him now. Giving up is the most common thing people do once they donít start seeing success in the first few months and for what? To go back to a 9-5 job, living paycheck to paycheck and near minimum wages after taxes?
    That isnít the best way to live in my opinion and if thatís something you enjoy doing, thatís fine but you have to decide where you want to be in life and what you want to accomplish. Making money online is a very simple and demanding game. You have to be patient, you have to have the dedication and the right mindset to make it in the business. We all heard when we were kids that we can do anything we put our minds to but itís completely true.
    Stay focused and you canít fail! You never fail until you completely give up on something so stay in the game and keep doing what youíre doing! We hope this starter guide has helped you out and given you a good idea on what it takes to make money online.

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    I agree that you can expect to fail a lot, when you are trying to make money from online. Making money from online can be complicated, but you have to keep working hard.

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