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Thread: Excuclusive lessons on how to make money from scratch step by step PART 7

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    Excuclusive lessons on how to make money from scratch step by step PART 7

    This is part 7 of 8 parts on How to make money online from scratch.

    Following up

    Now that you have e-mails, you have a client list and you have a lot of targeted people at the tip of your fingers, you have to know how to follow up.

    Newsletters – Telling people of relevant and hot new information in the field will benefit you far greater than launching a product because then people view you as a trusted source and not just a salesman. The job is obviously to sell a product or service but you have to keep them interested in you and your services.

    Products – This isn’t to say that you’re going to launch products and make money, but you have to do it a certain way.

    Step 1) First, you build hype and talk about this killer new solution to a problem your targeted audience has. This can be done over a week time span or even over a month but you need to build hype.

    Step 2) You then tell people how much the product is supposedly going to help them or what it’s going to do for them but include a ridiculous price. Then you tell people how they’ll be receiving a “discount” for being such a loyal follower. This puts a lot of faith and trust into the person sending out the e-mails.

    Marketing really is about a numbers game and providing people something excellent. Once you have a person’s trust, you can sell them just about anything you want to and I do mean ANYTHING. Follow up with care.

    source: internet marketing forum

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    You have to offer something useful to people, otherwise you are likely to not make a lot of sales. I agree with this article completely.

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