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Thread: Excuclusive lessons on how to make money from scratch step by step PART 4

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    Excuclusive lessons on how to make money from scratch step by step PART 4

    This is part 4 of 8 parts on How to make money online from scratch.

    Product Creation

    At this point, you have a customer, you have a website that drives traffic and sales but here’s where you’re going to need to be especially careful. When creating your product, you don’t want a product that sells but you want a product that sells and continues to sell. What do I mean by this? Upselling and affiliating is one of the best ways to earn even extra money from these people.

    Before You Create Your Product

    Sign up to affiliate networks that are relevant to what you’re mentioning in your product. For example, if I’m writing an e-book on how to make money online, I’m going to sign up to the Host Gator or Go Daddy affiliate program so I can mention how users would need a website and then I will send them to my affiliate link. If you mention a product or a service in your e-book that users can utilize, try to find an affiliate program for that product or service.

    Try to list as many products and services with your affiliate link as possible, BUT don’t do it in an obvious way. Don’t just plaster your products or services in the e-book, you want to recommend these services as optional. Why? People are always looking for the easiest way to do something and are always looking to do as little work as possible. If you tell people it will save them 20% of the time spent on something but it costs $90, they’ll more than likely buy it because in general, people are lazy.

    Laziness is a key feature that you can capitalize on depending on your market and your product. If you’re selling an e-book based on how to get out of debt, then you might not get the most upsells and affiliate commissions because those people are already broke.
    However! If you’re selling a product to a desperate market, like a fetish market, they’ll more than likely buy anything you tell them to because desperation creates action. People who are desperate for a cure, an answer or just information are far more likely to spend money on something or even on simple information.

    Formatting Your E-Book

    You want to properly format your e-book so that it’s user friendly and easy to read. The easier it is to read your e-book, the easier it’ll be to sell, the less chance they’ll have of closing it without even reading it (it happens) or requesting a refund. It’s not fun answering a bunch of e-mails from unhappy customers demanding a “refund”.

    How do you properly format an e-book? Something that’s easy on the eyes and easy to understand is a good start. Be sure to include plenty of images so people aren’t just reading boring text page after page. Be sure to include headlines on every page that are larger than the typical text size so that they pop out to people. Also, include a lot of fluff and random nonsense chatter because while people claim to hate these products, they’re also the bestselling products. People feel they’re getting much more value out of a 200 page e-book than a 15 page e-book that’s straight to the point.

    Your Refund Policy

    That’s another thing, you have to specify your refund policy and if customers have a right to refund. Some products allow 30 day refunds and some absolutely don’t. You have to make this loud and clear or you’ll receive a bunch of e-mails asking about it since it wasn’t specified on your sales page. You have to spell it out as clear as crystal for people since the majority of people tend to get confused easily.

    I personally recommend not including a refund policy at all, because there are a lot of people who will buy a product, read through it and then request a refund so they can get the information for free. It’s sad but there are plenty of shady people out there looking for hand me downs or freebies. So if you want my personal opinion, don’t include a refund policy since you’ll lose some of those sales.

    Won’t people lost trust in a product if they can’t get their money back? This is why you create a demand and a rush for the product you’re selling. It’s your job as the salesman, to market your product to the right people at the right time. You have to research your market, find out exactly what they’re buying and why they’re buying it. If you do all of this correctly, saying that people can’t get refunds will barely affect your sales at all.

    The Reality

    Remember, your e-book will more than likely end up on someone’s hard drive in a folder labeled “Ebooks” or “Products”. Here’s what we think we’re doing when we release a product. We think we’re empowering people to make money online and that we’re giving people the key to succeed but here’s what they’re doing in reality. They purchase the product, realize that it takes effort to implement and ultimately throw it away or store it in a folder somewhere never to be read again.

    There are people with gigs and gigs of e-books and downloads of things they purchased because they thought this would solve all of their problems with the click of a button. They figured they were magic bullet solutions that would simply solve all of their problems and once they realized that this wasn’t the case, they store it in their hard drive to find yet another product to purchase.

    It’s just how the game works. I’m sure you’ve been there as well. You went through product after product only to become disappointed and to realize that the solution to your problem isn’t in some silly e-book, but it’s to actually take action and to stop procrastination dead in its tracks. So when creating your product, you have to realize that most people who purchase it won’t do a single thing mentioned in the e-book.

    source: internet marketing forum

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    Creating a good product can be very complicated, which is why you should give a good effort. If your product is not good, then in the long run you may not make a lot of sales.

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