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Thread: Excuclusive lessons on how to make money from scratch step by step PART 2

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    Excuclusive lessons on how to make money from scratch step by step PART 2

    This is part 2 of 8 parts on How to make money online from scratch.What Do You Want To Do?

    Now that we’ve covered why most people will fail online and what you should start doing to prepare your mind mentally, we’re going to go more into detail and into depth about what you should be doing to prepare your business. By your business, I mean what you should be doing and what you want to do. Before you can make a single dime on the internet, you have to plan out how you’re going to make it, how you’re going to market it and who you’re going to market it to. The order of that may not be in the best order but let’s review the steps.

    How are you going to make money online?

    You need to figure out exactly what you want to do to make money online. If you’re passionate about horse racing, you don’t make a product on gardening. If you’re brand new to marketing and market research, you should stick with what you know and something you have a passion for. So, find out something you’re passionate about and start thinking of a product you can make based off of that passion.

    Perhaps you don’t want to make a product and you would rather sell someone else’s product. Still, you’re going to want to make sure it’s something you have a passion for so you’re knowledgeable about the product, writing about it won’t get boring and you’re less likely to give up early.

    If you don’t want to market a product at all, perhaps you want to place ads on your website such as Google AdSense. They’re one of the most trusted and they always pay, but they’re not one of the highest paying ideas. Sure, there are people who bank money off of AdSense, but it’s not the ideal money maker.

    Who are you going to market this idea to?

    Now that you have an idea, you need to figure out exactly who you’re going to market this idea to. Who exactly is going to buy into this idea and who are you going to sell it to? You see, so many people come into this business and they think by spamming the internet, that’s their way to internet riches. The reality of this is, by spamming the internet, not only will you be hated, but you won’t make any money. Untargeted traffic converts at an obnoxiously low sub-par percent; it’s not even 1%.

    So, you need to research your market, who is buying into this information or products and why they want them.

    How are you going to market this idea to these people?

    This is another thing that people don’t fully think over before they get into this business. They don’t think about how they’re going to send this information to their potential market. Are they going to post on forums, are they going to write articles, are they going to buy pay per click ads, are they going to hire someone else to do their marketing? You have to know HOW you’re going to market to your potential customers before you can fully implement a site or an idea.

    source : internet marketing forum

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    I agree with this article completely. You have to know what you are doing. In other words, you should have a plan about how you are going to make money from online.

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