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Thread: Excuclusive lessons on how to make money from scratch step by step PART 1

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    Excuclusive lessons on how to make money from scratch step by step PART 1

    This is part 1 of 8 parts on How to make money online from scratch.

    Preparing Your Mind

    Before you can start making money online, there’s one problem a lot of people run into. They aren’t mentally prepared for the task of making money online. It’s a thing many people will try and only few will succeed and even only a few of those who succeed will make the money they had hoped to make when they initially started out. So why is this? Why do people fail when something is so popular such as internet marketing and making money online?

    Reason #1 – People expect to become rich overnight due to popular software and “one hit button” solutions that promise you’re going to make money by doing absolutely nothing. This is one of the biggest career enders for people wishing to make money online because everyone sees these golden software or online products marketed that promises to make money just by hitting a button. The reality is far worse than what the sales page is telling you. Making money online doesn’t entail hitting a button and money just coming into your bank.

    Reason #2 – People give up far too early to be considered failing. This is the typical and most common scenario; we’ll call him Bob. Bob starts up a website on making money online, he decides that he wants to start a blog on making money online and Bob decides that he’s going to post once a day. Bob posts once a day for two weeks then gives up because he’s not making any money. This is what happens the majority of the time. Making money online doesn’t happen overnight and it certainly doesn’t happen for the so called Gurus overnight, some of them have some pretty impressive failures before they started making money.

    So how do you avoid doing the most common two things that cause people to fail? You do this by preparing your mind and mentally preparing yourself for what’s to come. If you’re going to make money online, you’re going to be in for a very long race and a long haul.

    Put yourself in an isolated place where you can think clearly. Print this out and do some of the steps mentioned:

    First, you want to think about what you really want to do. Do you want to sell a service, do you want to sell a product, do you want to sell someone else’s product, do you want to put ads on a website, do you want to sell advertising space, etc. You have to think about what you want to do to make money online.

    How do you want to do it? Anyone can make a product, but you need to have a plan to market it and make money off of it. Do you plan to post on forums? Do you plan on writing articles on this product to drive traffic? Think about HOW you want to make money online and HOW you want to market this product.

    You first need to prepare your mind because YOU WILL FAIL. 99% of products and launches fail but those 1% of products makes up for the 99%.

    source : Internet Marketing Forum

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    WoW, what a great idea! I can't say how much i thank you for posting this.

    I'll keep an eye on this topic.

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    You definitely need to be prepared and alert, when you are trying to make money from online. If you do not have a plan, your earning may not be as high as you may expect.

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    Worthy content, Thanks for the informative post.

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