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Thread: Lesson 4: Add Your Keyword Phrases To These Exact Spots on Each Page of Your Site

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    Lesson 4: Add Your Keyword Phrases To These Exact Spots on Each Page of Your Site

    Before we move on there's one thing you should know. You can apply the keyword discovery process I showed you last week not only to the home page of your site, but you can go through that quick process for every important page of your site, every blog post you post on your site,, and every article or press release you put on the Internet to bring traffic to your site. I could go on, but you probably get the picture.

    For now, I'm going to give you the easy step-by-step on exactly where to place your keywords on each page of your site.

    Here's an overview of each place. Don't worry if this seems technical at first, once I explain what each of these means it'll be a breeze.

    1. HTML Title Tag Optimization
    2. HTML Meta Tag Optimization
    3. HTML H1 Tag Optimization
    4. HTML Body Content Optimization
    5. HTML Image Alt Tag Optimization
    6. Navigation Menu Optimization

    Today, let's focus on the first of these: Title Tag Optimization.
    Title tag is what shows up at the top of your browser itself. This is the single most important place to put your keyword for your page. So if the page you are optimizing is specifically about "wooden model ships", you need to make sure that exact phrase is worked into your Title Tag.

    To see what the title tag code looks like in real life, just go to any webpage. If you use Internet Explorer (IE) on the top right side click "Page" and then select "view source".

    If you use Firefox click "View" in the top left corner and select "Page source". In the first few line of the code that appear on your computer screen you will see an open tag <, "title", Close tag >. Then title copy. Then open tag <, "/title", close tag >. It'll look like this:

    To use the title tag to your advantage use the one to three main keywords that you selected that people would search to find this page of your site. So, let's walk through an example of optimizing your home page title tag.

    If you had a successful sporting goods Web site the top three to four primary keywords you may use on the home page might be "Hunting Gear, Fishing Gear, Camping Gear, Outdoor Gear".

    Use your favorite text editor or HTML editor to edit your TITLE tag of your home page so that the code looks like this (see the end of this chapter for links to HTML editors and a few tips):
    <title>Quality Hunting, Fishing, Camping and Outdoor Gear at Discount Prices</title>
    Here's an example of Cabela's title tag which is similar:

    Keep your keywords more general to your business on your home page as I did above. However, if you were placing keywords on a subpage about a specific archery product (or even a specific service or article), then make your keywords as specific to that product as possible, including the specific product or service name, or article topic name.

    For example, here is what Cabela's uses for one of their archery product pages:

    Insider Insight: Why Your Title Must Not Only Contain Your Keywords, But Look Great Too!

    Include your company name in the title tag only if you're a well known company, if you believe people will search for you by using your company name, or if your company name will make your title seem more credible.

    Many times you'll want your company name there especially if there are a lot of other companies with a similar name and you need to be more competitive. On the home page put your company name first in your title tag, on the sub pages place your company name toward the end of the title tag.

    If you don't need to include your company name then don't because it will compete with the other keywords you use in the title and can make the link less attractive to click on. Your title tag is what people will see when they do a search on Google. Here's where your title tag will appear:

    If you were doing a search and you came upon a link in your search results that looked ugly, or was confusing or you weren't clear what it was about, would you CLICK ON IT?! Of course not. You will turn away a lot of potential visitors to your site by having a poor title tag. To keep your title tag looking great here are a few essential things you must do:

    For example, if you owned a personal training and fitness site in Seattle, WA this would be a very poor title tag:

    great body fitness, discounts, personal training, fitness, seattle, Washington

    Not only is this hard to read and scan quickly because it's not well formatted, and uses only lowercase letters, but it's not broken into logical chunks that will make sense to someone reading it quickly. If it doesn't make sense you won't get a click! In fact most SEO experts agree that Google will give you a little boost in ranking just because more people click on your link than on others. So polish this title tag until it SHINES!

    This would be a much better title tag:

    Great Body Fitness - Discount Personal Training, and Personal Fitness - Seattle, WA

    Additionally, here's another powerful bonus tip I'll share with you. Figure out what sets your company or product apart from the rest. Then let people know what it is right in the title tag! You'll be pre selling your product before they even click on your link, and because you've let them know WHY they should click on your link, they are more likely to. This results in more traffic for you!

    From Now then The lesson will be weekly:
    If you want to be informed for the new lessons subscribe on the general section and choose the way you like to be notified.

    you'll find green ticked circle on the main forum beside the general section as shown on the image below

    click on it and choose the way you want to receive the lessons.(you should be registered) or icon will not be shown.

    See you Next week for "Lesson 5: Should You Really Put Your Keyword Phrases In Your Meta Tags?"

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    Excellent lessons . Go ahead and thanks for the explanation for the new service for section's subscriptions

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    Thank you a lot for posting these information. I am looking forward to more lessons from you.

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    Wow nice observation mate.. Thanks for sharing that I will try that one BTW I know basic SEO

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    Thank you seokiller for showing us a little technique of yours and all I can say that it is very interesting, I'll be applying it on my site afterwards.

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