Keywords are the words or phrases that someone uses to find your Web site. The tool that I use when I am discovering my keywords for my Web site is Google Keyword Tool External. What source would be better for information about which keywords are the best than Google itself!?

Now, you'll do your quick research two ways:

1) By entering an existing Web site URL of a competitor who is ranking well in the search engines for the keyword phrases you'd like to rank for, and then having Google inspect every detail of the site's content and code and then instantly generate a list of the top keyword phrases that the site is using to get it's high rankings, AND...

2) You will also enter the keywords or keyword phrases that you generated in our last lesson and then have Google calculate for you both how good they are, and what other keyword phases are best to use that are related to the ones you provided but that you missed!

For example if I want to create a Web site about affiliate marketing I would type "affiliate marketing" in the search box:

This is what I would see when the search was complete:

Now that you have this long list of keywords you are probably wondering what you do with them. It's simple. Based off of the "Approx Avg Search Volume" you will pick the three or four top keyword phrases of 2 to 3 keywords in length that have the highest volume, and that also fit your site or Web page best.

Google makes it easy by letting you click each keyword you want to keep and storing it in your own list you can then download when you're done researching.

Once you have your list of keyword phrases you are ready to move on.

Insider Insight: It's Crucial to Consider Your Geography

Whenever you are trying to generate keywords, try to be location specific if you offer a product or service related to a local area.

So for example if you're doing SEO for your lawn care company located in the Seattle Washington metro area, then be sure to append Seattle to the end of each of the keyword phrases you find, so you may end up using:

  • Lawn care seattle
  • Lawn service seattle
  • Lawn treatment seattle
  • Lawn pests seattle
  • Grass care seattle
  • Grass treatment seattle

It's very important that you do this because you'll get two GREAT advantages.

1) You'll narrow your competitive market to just one metro area, and so instead of competing on Google with companies all over the country or world, you'll only be competing with companies in your local market!

2) The traffic you get will be many time more targeted and convert better because you'll be sure that the people visiting your site are local too.

See you tomorrow for "Lesson 4: Add Your Keyword Phrases to These Exact Spots on Each Page of Your Site".