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Thread: Tips for Successful Email Marketing Campaigns

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    Tips for Successful Email Marketing Campaigns

    Tip 1

    Do Some Email Marketing

    It might seem obvious, It doesn't have to be a regular newsletter, even one e-Christmas card a year is a good start. People like to know you care about them and sending them a letter is one of the best ways of showing some love.

    Tip 2

    Write your email as you are talking to friends

    Do you prefer to receive an email from a good friend or a big corporation? By toning down the corporate tone of your email and writing in a friendly and respectful voice you can create trust between yourself and your subscribers.

    Tip 3

    Personalize your message

    Don't be lazy and send a bulk email if you can send something unique for each recipient. Look at your list and consider whether there's a personal message, or a helping hand you can lend each individual. And make sure if you know their name, use it.

    Tip 4

    Sell the email in the subject line

    This is the first thing people see so it's important to get it right. Keep it short and make it stand out in a crowded inbox by offering something of value and by using power words that incite curiosity and excitement. If the subject line doesn't make people go 'OMG, I HAVE to read this email', they won't.

    Tip 5

    Keep it snappy

    People get bored easily and everyone is busy so make your email scannable by using subheadings and short paragraphs. You can always link off to your website if you want to go into more detail.

    Tip 6

    Pictures are pretty

    However don't go overboard as some email programs can remove images or it might make the email load slowly.

    Tip 7

    Make it mobile-friendly

    You need to make sure your email is optimized for mobile devices. This way your subscribers can read your email on their way to work or during lunch. Return Path's study found that 63% of Americans and 41% of Europeans would either close or delete an email they couldn't read on their mobile.

    Tip 8

    Include a call to action

    Your subscribers choose to be on your list, hence they want to know about your business, products, or news. Invite them to take an action and the response is typically quite positive.

    Tip 9

    Include social media share buttons

    By allowing your subscribers to share your email on Twitter and Facebook you can capitalize on potential new business and sign up new subscribers.

    Tip 10

    Don't spam

    Spamhaus and other anti-spam organizations have strict anti-spam legislation. Follow it, or you'll pay fine.

    Tip 11

    Send your email at the right time

    We like to read newsletters while we have time at lunch but every industry is different. You can experiment and see what days and times work best for your subscribers.

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    Remember, if people are clicking, you're succeeding. If they're not clicking and they're unsubscribing, you're not! Email can be a very powerful tool for interacting with customers - as long as you do it right.

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    Make your mail each time with a new head line. Make it easy to understand.
    Use good quality images or video.

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    It is far better to use a clear subject line that tells the reader exactly what is inside the email, content that describes what benefit you are providing and creates an immediate emotion (curiosity, urgency, fear, etc), and then provide an enticing call to action to drive to a landing page where the offer or content lives. This may mean sacrificing opens for a higher click to open rate, but what is more important? Generating more opens where people leave without reading the content inside? Or driving clicks which lead to conversions? Professional email marketers focus on conversions.

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