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Thread: Excuclusive course on How To Create Your Own Product

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    i have learned so many things by reading through. I am glad to find this forum.

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    Continuing Your Business And Expanding

    So you’ve done all the proper steps, we’re going to outline them below just to make sure. What do you do after everything it said and done and you have created a successful business and established yourself as a Guru? Do you just sit back and just live, live like a rockstar or do you continue pushing out products? Well, I’ll tell you right now, people who live like rockstars are the ones who usually go broke within a year’s time. They’re the people who don’t fully grasp what money is, how much money they have and how much they’re spending. Once people get their first taste of the good life, they can’t stop spending.

    Here are the steps we’ve discussed so far

    1) We’ve discussed obtaining a proper mindset to ensure success and to make sure that you’re ready to take on the world of online marketing, it’s definitely not for everyone.

    2) We discussed brainstorming your product to make sure it’s something you’re knowledgeable on or at least passionate about. If it’s something you know absolutely nothing about or something you care absolutely none about, you’re probably going to create a very half-assed product that won’t do nearly as well as you want it to.

    3) We then went into the basics of setting up your website, setting up your sales page and making sure that they’ll convert. We discussed how the different colors can affect people different, and no I’m not joking about that, you can Google the psychology of colors on websites and the effects they have on people.

    4) We then discussed what to do on launch day and how to follow up with e-mails. The important of allowing people to subscribe to an e-mail list and to opt in to your e-mail list is CRUCIAL for success. If you want to be successful on the internet, you NEED a list of people unless you want to spend the majority of your days freelancing, writing articles to try to obtain affiliate sales or buying useless $7 eBooks.

    So what’s next? What do you do now? You might think you’ve reached the end of the road, but you’ve only just discovered the freeway. You have to keep traveling down the same road. Continue the same process you’ve been doing and keep making products to sell to people and expanding your list.

    The Good News: If there’s an area you’re not too great at or there’s an area you feel you may need to improve when launching a product such as your copywriting, you can now hire outsourced help to help you do it! You have the money, you’ve made some sales and you’re ready to make more products but sometimes you just need someone else to edit, write or proofread what you do.

    Remember, giving up is the only way you can fail. If you give up, you’ll never know what you could achieve and just because you have one successful launch doesn’t mean your journey’s over, it means you need to keep going down the path you’re on!

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