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  4. This is a G rated site. Submitter agrees not to post articles with foul language,* sexually explicit, gambling, bigoted, violent or demeaning material. is not a platform from which you may launch an attack on another individual. Submitter understands that objectionable material should not be posted, will be deleted, and may result in the termination of the submitter's account.

    Submitting multiple copies of the same article is prohibited. If you submit a duplicate by accident, log into your account and go to Edit/View on the Article/PR Admin menu and remove them.

    Press releases are NOT advertisements. Learn how to craft a newsworthy, credible press release. Junk, spammy press releases that are simply advertisements are a violation of IdeaMarketers' terms and conditions.

    This is an article library. Submitter agrees not to post advertisements or keyword-stuffed nonsense to the site.* is not a poetry site. If a poem is included, it must be written by the author and be a small portion of an article that relates.

    To open and manage an account in another person's name requires express permission from the person whose name the account is in. For example, virtual assistants and marketing consultants may open accounts in their client's names, if they have informed the client that they are doing so and the client has given their permission. It is a violation of ethics to open an account in another person's name without their permission in order to benefit from their notoriety or trust-factor.

    You must have permission and/or copyright ownership of any images, articles, books, ebooks, videos or audios posted to

    Submitted articles that are keyword stuffed, unintelligible, advertisements or obviously created by spinner software will result in the removal the Submitter's account and all the articles within it.

    Authors who submit their material, works, artwork, graphics, ideas or photos to us retain their copyrights, but grant to C.E.S. Business Consultants the worldwide, royalty-free, non-exclusive right to reproduce and distribute the submitted material in printed form or by any other medium either now known or hereinafter devised, and forego any payment or compensation for the submitted material. If anyone else wants to use the Submitter's article, they must obtain permission first. On, they may do this by clicking on a link at the top of the article and filling out a form that will be sent directly to the Submitter* to request permission. It is up to the Submitter to decide whether to authorize use of any article. Submitter is also given the option when submitting or editing each individual article to preauthorize the article for publishers who use paid service and who have agreed to always publish articles with the author's bio/contact/link information.

    C.E.S. reserves the right to stream any article Submitter marks as "syndicate" to be syndicated (streamed) onto other sites who have agreed to our syndication terms/conditions. In this way, Submitter* may have additional exposure for articles on hundreds of other Web sites. Submitter's bio/link and name will be used with the article at all times. It is the Submitter's* responsibility to make sure his/her site URL and bio are accurate and current. Submitter's bio/contact information will always be used in conjunction with the article and it will be clear that the article has been provided through the service. For details on this, Click here. If Submitter does not wish to have articles syndicated, do not mark them as syndicated, Submitter may change this at any time for any article by clicking on the Edit link next to the article in the writer login area (Article/PR Admin, Edit/View on the menu).

    Submitter understands that s/he will not be compensated monetarily for articles by And it would be in the Submitter's best interest not to submit articles that s/he wishes to sell for pay, but to submit articles as a promotion method and/or as samples of their work.

    Submitter understands that is designed to be a writer-publisher matching service. As such, submitter's contact information will always be used in conjunction with article(s), so those viewing article(s), will be able to contact the Submitter about using the article(s) and/or contacting the Submitter about products/services.

    Submitter certifies that any material submitted is Submitter's own original material and does not violate any copyrights.

    Submitter acknowledge that IMFORUM reserves the right to proofread/clean up articles where necessary, but that the Suibmitter's contact information will always be used in conjunction with the use of any articles uploaded to this site.

    Submitter understands that s/he may not submit any article longer than 7,000 characters (counting spaces) in length. This is approximately 3 single-spaced 8.5x11 printed pages. Any article longer than this will be immediately removed from the system.

    Submitting articles that violate our terms and conditions can/will result in the complete removal of all the Submitter's articles in the site along with the Submitter's account.

    Submitter understands that IMFORUM. reserves the right to remove articles and / or writer accounts at any time and for any reason. For example, we periodically purge older articles and older unused accounts. So keep backups of your articles on your own computer at all times.

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