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Why Do So Many People Fail At Internet Marketing

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Let’s get this straight: Internet marketing is tough. It’s not an easy job and it should be treated as a career if you want it to work out. Let’s go over 5 different reasons that people fail at internet marketing (or at least 5 of the top reasons).

People give up too easily

This has to be the most common reason as to why people fail at internet marketing at such an early stage. People see how difficult it is and they realize they aren’t going to become millionaires like all those $7 products told them they could. Can people become millionaires off internet marketing? Sure! Absolutely they can! However, most people will never even make their first dime on the internet before they give up.

Why is this? Are people that obsessed with instant gratification and instant results that they feel nothing is worth putting effort towards? This is more a look into psychology than it is towards internet marketing but the two are a lot related. You use psychology to sell products and to persuade people into buying things from you but you also on the same hand have to keep a strong mind and to keep at your effort in order to prevent failing.

People have absolutely no direction

“I want to make money on the internet” is not a valuable direction to take your company. Internet marketing is so much more than just marketing or making money. I know I’ve said this before, but to be truly successful at internet marketing, you have to forget about making money. Making money requires you to provide a service or a solution to a customer. No one is looking to give you their money. Your company or your individual goals need to be outlined and you need to have a clear direction of what you want to do.

People are too focused on making money

As stated above, people are focused on making money and not on helping people with a problem or a solution. People think that if they focus solely on making money, the money will come straight to them. This is where they usually end up falling short and realize that making money is a lot harder than it’s cracked up to be. Ask yourself this: Have you ever walked into WalMart just because you wanted to give them your money? Did you ever wake up and think to yourself: “you know, I just feel like randomly giving money away today.” No, you went in there to buy a solution to a problem.

People listen to online forums

Holy hell, I wish people would stop doing this. Places like Warrior Forum and Digital Point are the biggest sources of misinformation on the internet. Sure, you can find some great networking sources there but the majority of those places exist so that forum regulars can continuously sell their $7 crap products to newbies. Honestly, has a $7 eBook ever changed your life or brought you intelligible insight? You’re lying or you’re selling something if you answered yes to that question. Stop going to forums.