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What's An Affordable Internet Marketing Solution For People Who Are Broke

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Letís be honest here, most people donít have an infinite budget and need an internet marketing solution on a budget. Budgets can vary far and wide, but most people start out on a budget next to nothing because not everyone can get funding for internet businesses. The hard part about starting an online business is, itís hard to take them seriously.

Investors wonít give you the time of day and no one you know will take you seriously because even in this day and age, people donít take internet marketing seriously or they think itís all one big pile of scams. What exactly is an internet marketing solution and who does it help?

An internet marketing solution can be a number of things ranging from free to paid. Some people require different services and depending on what your business is, that service can be cheap or very costly. So what exact kind of internet marketing solutions are out there and who needs them?

Content writing is one of the most commonly used solutions out there.

What exactly is content writing? When you have a need for articles or for content for a website, you hire a content writer. These people will write content to populate your website. These are commonly used for AdSense monetization style website and product placement websites such as Amazon. If youíre looking to sell your own product, you need to use a Copywriter.

Web development is another example of a solution that people need to acquire for a website.

When you need a web page developed or designed, youíll want to hire one of these people. These are the people who know HTML/CSS/Ajax/jQuery/Javascript and other languages inside and out. Youíll be coming to them when you need a web page designed, developed or anything web related done. Donít get these people confused though, theyíre not software designers or programmers, itís two entirely different things.

SEO consulting isnít as common but professionals use them to help bolster their search engine rankings.

When your SEO results are hurting and you need more organic traffic results, an SEO consultant is definitely the person to go to. Sure, they may charge you an arm and a leg, but they always give you results. Some SEO consultants can charge you up to $500 an hour. You read that right, some of them actually charge $500 an hour.

Copywriting while it may sound like content writing, but itís entirely different. These people basically are the salesmen that make internet marketers the money they make. People make this mistake all the time but writing content and writing copy are two different things. When you write content, youíre just trying to come up with filler content for a website. When you write copy, youíre trying to sell a product or a service. Some of the greatest copywriters out there charge six or seven figures for single sales pages. Why do people hire them? They hire them at those prices because they get results and they make them far more money.