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What Internet Marketing Tools Are Out There To Help

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When people are brand new to internet marketing, their first instinct is to find help or guidance on what to do. Internet marketing tools can be a great asset to most people, but you have to be careful because some tools will actually hurt rather than help. Let’s discuss what kind of internet marketing tools you should and shouldn’t use.

Tools You Shouldn’t Use
Spam tools are definitely up there among the things you shouldn’t be using to better help your website. These tools will do nothing but get you penalized with Google or even risk getting you de-indexed altogether. If you’ve ever experienced being blacklisted by Google, then good luck getting out of that sand trap.

Other tools are ranking tools that build backlinks across the internet. These could be classified as spam tools I suppose, but their intention is to “help improve your rank” by placing your website link on a number of different websites. So what’s so bad about them? The backlinks you get from them offer you absolutely no benefit in terms of SEO. Not only that, but Google pays close attention now days to the type of backlinks you’re receiving and where they’re coming from.

A lot of common sense thinking has to go into to play when you use these tools. Ask yourself, would Google really appreciate the effort and usage of these tools? Do these tools genuinely help my readers or customers? If you run across any services or tools designed solely to boost your rankings without giving any benefit to your visitors, then it’s probably a safe bet to avoid them altogether.

Tools You Should Use
Internet marketing tools are a dime a dozen. You can find probably thousands of them with a simple Google search but there are not many out there that are actually worth using. The ones that are worth using are actually free.

Internet Marketing Forums – A lot of people don’t realize the value behind a forum of people who do internet marketing for a living. An IM forum is one of the greatest internet marketing tools at your disposal and can greatly help your business. Why is this? Internet Marketing forums feature tens of thousands of likeminded people who also make money on the internet whether it’s from their own website or offline business.

Google Ad Planner – Formerly known as the Google Keyword Tool, this is still the best tool out there to help find relevant keywords. However, be warned spammers, you can’t use the tool to mass produce results anymore. As far as most internet marketing tools go, Google Ad Planner is still free and is still the best one out there to date.

What about all of those paid tools? Avoid them like the plague! There’s absolutely no reason to spend $70 monthly on something you can find for free with a Google search. Any tool that’s charging you a monthly or high end fee just to use is probably a spam tool and will get you de-indexed.
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