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Is Affiliate Internet Marketing Dead In 2014

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Affiliate internet marketing
has seen many different phases and thousands of products come and go. Iím sure youíve seen the TV infomercials and youíve stumbled onto hundreds of sales pages in your day on the internet, but has those days come and gone? Well, I can tell you right away that affiliate internet marketing is still alive and well.

Affiliate internet marketing still works

Iím going to come right out and say it to avoid some further confusion: Internet marketing or affiliate internet marketing is still WELL and alive in this day and age. As a matter of fact, itís more alive than ever as more people are trying to do it. Do the same old tricks that people used to do in 2006 work? No, they donít.

However, thatís what this business is all about. You have to constantly evolve and improve your techniques if you want to continue to make money on the internet. You have to figure out what works, what has died out, what has faded away and what new techniques will bring in clients.

No seriously, people canít get enough crap to buy

People donít believe me when I say that if you tell them youíre an authority expert on something, they will continuously keep buying your crap over and over. People for whatever reason canít seem to buy enough crap and itís not something that I understand, but rather than complain about it, Iíd rather be on the selling end of that deal.

View the Warrior Forum as a perfect example. That forum has over a hundred thousand members and some of them are what I like to call power house members. These people have tens of thousands of posts and keep releasing ďWSOsĒ or Warrior Special Offers to the public. These are basically cheap gibberish eBooks that regular members there just love buying up and eating up every word.

Why do they do it? Simply because they think itíll make them money so they buy product after product after product. I was a little guilty of this myself, Iím not going to lie. Back in my early days of affiliate internet marketing, I used to buy all kinds of crap eBooks that only cost $1 to $7 thinking they were really going to make me a lot of money. For a lot of those people, itís the hope and the promise that comes with those products. I think we both know how those promises usually end up though.

Most people who say affiliate internet marketing is dead canít make it work for them

People who usually say something is dead or doesnít work is just angry that they canít particularly make a method work for them. Itís like the people in a video game who say a certain champion is overpowered; itís usually because they canít beat them themselves. Itís just human nature to have an excuse for everything and to blame everything on something else, never ourselves.