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  • 2012 New Strategy for websites' Ranking

    We have seen some old strategies die this year (like comment linking and similar SEO tactics ) while newer strategies have evolved and matured into full on business accelerators.
    If you are not already “taking full advantage” of these strategies, getting them implemented within the first 90 days of 2012 could be the best thing that you ever do for your business and your income.

    1. Social Networking – Using social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn have matured into highly effective ways to find new customers. In the past these have been viewed by many as huge time-wasters, but the time has come to jump on board and use this strategy to grow your business.
    2. Blogging – Those that have really embraced this strategy are really enjoying some great success. Blogs are now being used everyday to create lists of loyal followers and to launch new products. It’s sad to see so many people doing this strategy incorrectly and getting dismal results when they are just 1 or 2 small shifts away from turning this into a huge business accelerator. The more value you give to your readers the more value you will receive in return.
    3. List Marketing – Ok, this is not a new one. In fact, we have been recommending this one since 1999. But, it shocks me how many people are leaving good money on the table by ignoring their list or not building one in the first place. Our list is easily responsible for producing 80% of our monthly sales. How much money are you losing by not doing this in your business?
    4. Pre-selling – There is a common belief among some less experienced marketers that if you build it they will come. Yet when they launch their product, nobody buys. Failed launch after failed launch proves that you must determine that a market exists and they are willing to buy before spending all the money and effort to launch a product. Pre-selling is strategy that you can use to prove that a product will sell before spending a dime to produce and launch it.
    5. Integration Partners – People spend countless hours optimizing their websites for Google and the other search engines only to achieve a handful of daily visitors that don’t buy anything. An integration partner is a business that already caters to your perfect target audience with a non-competing product. By partnering with this kind of business and sharing the revenue, you get instant access to hew customers.
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