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    Hello everyone!

    I am a 19 year old girl which worked in several places before trying to make money online. I ustued to have a weekend full time job which didn't allow me any rest, all i did was studying, working, going to school, having lunch and dinner and therefore going to bed.

    You must imagine how hard it was and i had no prospect in career so when the contract ended i decided not ever to work on a multinacional company which gives no possibilities to rise on my career.

    Unfortunatly this happens everywhere so i began to think how could i make money online or at least using computer at home.

    The first step was paid to click websites but it didn't last, it gives no money, same as slavery so i moved on to buying and selling stuff on my country auction and selling websites and it was working well since the crisis hit people's wallets. I had to resell stuff for a 5% increment on the previous price and it took me too long to finish that sale.

    Moving on, i began to upload pictures and posting them through the web, normal ones, but people don't enjoy much so i created a account, imgchili and tumblr account and did a porn tumblr which in 5 days with a 2-3hours of work everyday lead to a 2,5$ profit. I was loving the idea and i began to find some new ways to work faster such as using macros but i found out that doesn't allow porn likes associated to their accounts so, bang!, one more idea to the trash.

    Afterwords i registered myself on fiverr and is there where i make my income, i have 17 gigs and there is 1 that makes the most of my money, is very appealing. I have 3-4 guys that are loyal clients and i have a certain money assured every month, not much because i don't advertise my gigs.

    Meanwhile i have an account on JustBeenPaid and i see a great future using this website because i didn't spent a penny and i could have already withdrawn a good amount of cash, but i won't because i will keep myself buying positions. Also i have an account on other HYIP business which can lead me to great earnings once i advertise with my referral link.

    I also play poker, mostly cash games but that's where i lose some part of my money because i don't know very well to play it.

    In the near future i will begin a new tumblr with a non porn subject using and imgchili or imagetwist technique and see how it goes, also i will attemp to write Fitness/Nutrition/Sports/Workout articles because i have a huge knowledge in that area, self learned but much greater that professionals. I know what works, what not works and what might work.

    As you can see from my path my earnings are not great but i will get there with time.

    Don't take this home working job too seriously, it will consume you if you let it. You have to do things slowly and see which trends and/or new businesses there are because they will fail or they are scam.

    Good luck!
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